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As part of the game retail store business, I needed to contact the various game distributors to create accounts and start buying stock. Fortunately the current owners have accounts and contacts so can help get the accounts going. I’ll be listing the distributors I’ve contacted and completed the application process and added bits when the process has completed and been approved.

First off, many of the distributors have multiple Terms. Such as prepay with a credit card, cash on delivery, check on delivery, and net terms meaning you’ll order and pay in some number of days. I’ve seen net-30 and net-45 for 30 days and 45 days. In our case we’re either prepaying with a credit card or providing a check upon delivery (COD).

The main issue I have here is the requirement of a Social Security Number. It’s added to the application and sent via email, not the most secure method. I’ve noted that I’ve not added the information but if needed, please call and I’ll provide it. So far it’s only needed when we’re looking for credit from the distributors, aka the net-30 or net-45 terms. Since we’re not doing that, none of the ones that have approved the applications have had an issue with me not providing the SSN.

Magazine Exchange

The contact at Magazine Exchange said we’d simply update the current account with a new credit card and we’re ready to go. I did fill out an application so they had my details and sent it in. Then we made sure we had a good password, added my business credit card, and deleted the other credit cards. All done, easy peasy. The contact at the business was very helpful.

Games Workshop

These are the guys who own Warhammer, a massive miniatures gaming industry. We got in contact with the current account manager, got the paperwork filled out and submitted, and within a few days it was approved and we’re ready to go. Again, pretty easy.

Stonemaier Games

This is the first game specific company. They create the games and sell directly to brick and mortar stores vs going through a distributor. They get to keep a little more money and are in touch with actual brick and mortar stores vs one or two distributors.. I can see it being a touch more complicated having hundreds of stores to manage vs a couple of distributors but it works out for them. I filled out the short application and shortly I was approved and had access to their site to purchase games. We actually ordered quite a few games and expansions which should be here in a few days. This was by far the easiest new account process.

Southern Hobby

We’re looking at bringing in Gundam models and having additional distributors. The distributors can have longer term retailers who might get more games available to them than a newer or smaller shop. If Target buys 10,000 copies of some game and we buy 12, they’re going to get priority for sure. With multiple distributors though, we might get 8 here and 8 at one of the other places. Anyway, they required a survey be completed before I can even apply. This is good as they’re doing due diligence in making sure they’re selling to brick and mortar stores instead of someone buying and selling on ebay. Support your local game store. Anyway it’ll be a week or so before I can even get an application and this is also a new account.

ACD Distributors

We actually have a point of contact here. The application is pretty extensive looking for business references, bank references, and the like. They are one of the bigger distributors though. I had to chat with the current owners to get some of the information they were looking for. Once completed, I scanned in the application and sent it to the point of contact. We’ll see how this goes.

Alliance Distributors

This is also one of the more extensive applications. Here they were looking for business references, bank references, lease references, and a personal reference. Most other information was the same as what was on the ACD application. These guys wanted a copy of my drivers license, a copy of my state tax license, and some other bits that Colorado doesn’t require. I got it all filled out and had to hunt through the documentation in order to find out where to send the application and additional docs but I got it sent off. Now we wait.


I already had an account with these guys. I filled out a contact form to inquire as to how to change it from a Consumer account to a Retailer account. Waiting on them now.


There are a couple of others we’re considering but I haven’t started the process yet. We have orders with Magazine Exchange and Stonemaier Games plus a pending order with ACD so they were the ones I focused on. We do get games from Alliance and Asmodee so we’ll want them eventually and Southern Hobby is one we want to join.

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