Game Store Move: Different Space

Well, I did chat with the landlords for the Hobbydown space, gave them a quick elevator speech. Of course they’re still looking at the nationwide spa taking it however they do feel we are the best choice but first come, first served. If it falls through, we still have a chance.

Unfortunately, no further emails from the first place but the second place called us. The 1517 space we liked is being taken by a nationwide Vet clinic. However they have another place in the same mall that’s becoming available at 1515 Main. We did a walk through last week and I sent an email over to the owners/realtors (same folks) with my requirements. The space is currently a cleaning supply service. Their lease ends end of August and he goes month to month. My lease ends January 31st.

Current floorplan. The front is to the right (or east side) with lines where the double doors and windows are. The back has a pair of lines where the back door is:

The request is to leave the north extension/wall and the vertical wall and remove the perpendicular wall to it. Plus remove the storage walls towards the north wall and against the west wall. As the floor from the vertical wall to the front of the store is concrete, replace the carpet in the back and put down new carpet across the entire floor.

I’d put glass cabinets from the east side of the north extension to the east wall, leave the space behind the wall for storage and the office for, well an office. Miniatures tables on the other side of the vertical wall and card and board gaming tables between the vertical wall and retail space.

We’ll see how this works out. But the new place does have appeal. It doubles both our retail space and the gaming space. Let’s see if they are willing to move forward with the changes.

New floor plan after walls are removed and tables in place.

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