Game Store Move: Approvals

On the assumption we’d get the new space, I created a 5 page Todo list of things we’d need to do. I had a business dinner with the team last Saturday, bringing folders for all with the todo list, the possible business lines list, the above floor plans plus some alternatives, and a roughed out business plan (I’m going through a class to make it more professional and focused.

The todo list also contained several estimates on getting work done such as an electrician to add more outlets, demolition company to remove the walls, carpet company, and a few more things to think about, cost wise such as painting the walls. I also reached out to the graphics firm I’ve used for flyers and business cards in the past.

I sent the Letter of Intent off to my lawyer for review after I made a few changes to the original one, got updates from him and sent it off to the landlords.

And we got the place! We take possession October 1st and begin work on getting it ready for moving in in January and being 100% the gaming destination February 1st.

Yesterday I received a proposed sign for the new shop. I did add some text in the top windows and the store logo to the front doors. I’m not sure yet if those will be approved so we’ll see.

Here’s the current store front.

And here’s a mock up of the proposed new sign. I passed it along to the landlords and they approve!

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