Removing the Rear Seat

Last year I did something silly and put the rear seat back on the back of the ‘busa but forgot to connect up the lock cable. So I haven’t been able to get in for almost a year. So far it hasn’t been too much of a hassle however recently I find that one of my tail lights is out (just the running light), I need to refresh my rear brake fluid, and in general, it’s just annoying.

So first off, how do I get into the trunk area. I’ve checked on line in a few places and there’s really no suggestions short of cutting it off. So that’s what I’m going to do.

Note: This is a reenactment after I was done. I put it all back together and went through it again but took pictures. It’s an accurate depiction of the steps I took though šŸ™‚

First off, here’s the rear seat. It’s seen better days so I’m not too concerned if it breaks. I don’t have a replacement handy so breaking would be annoying but nothing I’m going to worry about right now.

I tried pulling up on the seat and I could see the plastic hooks. I couldn’t pull it hard enough to break them though. I snagged a hunk of wood from my scrap pile and propped it up while I retrieved my implement of destruction.

A saw. Yep. With the seat propped up, I used the saw and cut off the hook. Then I did the same thing with the other side.

Next I pulled up on it and decided I’d just remove the rear housing. Once it’s off, I’ll be able to reach the latch and remove the seat. I just have to remove a couple of screws and bolts.

I removed the screws and the Frankenbolts.

I can see the mechanism but can’t get a probe in and over to the left to the latch. So I need to remove the luggage rack bolts. Shouldn’t be too hard.

I was able to get three without too much trouble but the fourth one was really stubborn. Eventually I had Rita pull back on the seat so I had a clear shot at it and finally it came out.

Cowling is off and now you can see the back of the seat. See, there’s a large plastic bit there just to keep miscreants out of your trunk.

It’s a little half box cut across the corners. This side shows the protection is on the side too. Only one way to get in.

From the left side, I can see where the latch is. I pulled one of my hooked probes out of its package and was able to reach

And release the latch

To get the seat off.

Once done, I put fresh brake fluid in and replaced the failed bulb then put the cowling back on. Note that I didn’t forget to put the key cable back in place so I can get in next time.

I’ll have to check out Corbin and get a replacement seat. It’s due anyway.

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