Guitar Time

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated the blog. I have a couple of updates I’ll be adding in over the next couple of evenings.

First off, I did stop lessons back in August. I wanted to take a couple of months off to work on the lessons I’d already received and to generally relax and absorb. I’ve also been poking about at different songs to find something I can learn right now with my limited skills.

A couple of weeks ago I hit upon Blue Oyster Cult’s Burning For You. I started with the intro and discovered it was the second guitar and not the lead (which is a bit more complicated). On the positive side, the licks are fairly straightforward. There are 6 different sections with another one that’s spliced into one of the 6. I learned each one pretty well but had trouble with the transitions between them. I finally got enough to try and record. It took several tries but I finally got a reasonably good run through.

I don’t have the YouTube link at my fingertips as I’m posting from my iPad but I’ll snag the link and update the post later.

It’s not as good as each of the sections that I can do. The transitions cause me to get a little fumble fingered, strings get muted or play when I’m moving between notes. I’ll get the technique down with more practice.

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