More Learning Guitar

So Zack has been teaching fingerpicking this quarter and altering chords. So I play a Fm chord and drop my pinky to get a different tone from the fingerpicking. I just need to coordinate the transitions so I don’t stop picking with my right hand when changing chords. That takes practice.

I’ve also been requesting more theory so I understand what I’m doing. Some of it is seeping through which is good. I just had a little *ping* moment too. When I look at a chord, I’m seeing that I need to get my fingers down in a certain position. Recently I’ve been checking out a chord book and seeing that there’s multiple ways of playing the same chord which was enlightening. Each chord isn’t quite the same, some having extra strings or notes at the bottom of the box. I was reading the Telecaster forums and they were discussing chords and someone mentioned the Cmaj chord as in how many shapes are there to play a Cmaj chord. And the reply was, “anywhere I can grab a C E and G.” The shape comment was “oh, shape of the fingers on the frets” then the “anywhere” comment tied it together with a click. Now when I look at the chord book, I’ll look at it with a different point of view.

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