More Rocksmith

So doing more practice tonight.

I was told what the > is on the wireless controller. See in the menu, you can go forward A, back B, quit Y, or go to the main menu >. But there isn’t a > on the controller. So it’s the Start button.

Tonight I hit it and found I could go back to the songs I played earlier. So I gave Satisfaction a try again.

I did pretty well and learned something new again. When you finish a track, it shows you your longest streak of accurate notes and your accuracy rating. It also starts the track again in the background. It seemed like just a background thing but tonight I realized it was playing your playing back at you. So I could hear all the missed frets and the total get lost moments. Pretty cool.

I went back again and found there is a chord mode. So I played Satisfaction in chords. It started with just E for several strums. Then a D chord was inserted halfway between two E chords. Then an A chord. I did pretty well with the E to D and back but the A was coming a bit quick.

Back at the menu I found Ducks, a note game. You just had to hit the right note when a duck note appeared. But there is a countdown and eventually you miss enough to end the game.

So a few new discoveries. I think it’s time to access the on line docs now that I’ve messed around a little.

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