Rocksmith Events

That was great fun. I’ve been mostly playing sitting down and now I’m practicing at least an hour a day and several hours over the week. Perhaps not on the lesson plan provided by Zack but hopefully he’ll understand 🙂

This time it was playing In Bloom by Nirvana and I Can’t Hear You from Dead Weather. I did pretty well with both songs although the lead stuff still gets me because it’s a drop from the lower strings to the upper strings and higher notes. So I have to relocate my fingers to get to that point. I’m getting there but it’s not like the rhythm bits which are the same groups over and over.

Once I finished the Nirvana song, Rocksmith wanted me to play in an event. I had to go back to the song list to find I Can’t Hear You and practice it three or so times before I was ready for the event. I did pretty well, getting in the 40’s for I Can’t Hear You and the 60’s for In Bloom. Then it went for an Encore. The Black Keys, Next Girl. There were a couple of spots where I got lost but the main rhythm parts I nailed and got like 70k points for a total event of 190k points. I’m up over a million now.

For events though, you need to practice the songs before going on. I flubbed the last one badly because of that.

Another weird thing is you can’t go back to events. Once you’ve played it, they’re gone. Hopefully later, once I “beat” the game, I’ll be able to go back to try the events again.

Pretty cool. My shoulder and wrist are a bit on the sore side. Right side exercise 🙂

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