Drop D Tuning and Rocksmith!

I’m on the next set of songs for the event and three of the songs are tuned to Drop D. Normally your strings are tuned EADGBe. In these songs, you have to retune your low E string to D so you’ll have DADGBe. That’s not so bad however Rocksmith! seems to have a big problem with the tuning and “hearing” the strings or else I just am not using the right guitar for the game.

I first tried Muse – Unnatural Selection with the Stratocaster (Strat) and it just kept telling me that I needed to play a little lower (there are double yellow greater than signs that shift left and right pointing to the direction you need to play). It’s frustrating for two reasons, one of course is I’m using their tuning program to tune my Strat. Second is after a song or two, I take the Strat to my regular tuner and I find the ‘D’ string is pretty far out of tune and the B and e strings are a little off. So I tune it to spec expecting it to be better but nope. Still off.

Next I grabbed the Ibanez. It seemed to work a lot better however there are still spots where it thinks I’m not playing the right note. I again checked the tuning with my tuner and a couple of the strings are a little off but not like the Strat.

I think I need to try the Telecaster (Tele). Both the Strat and the Ibanez have floating bridges where the Tele’s bridge is mounted to the body of the guitar. I’ll try it again during practice tonight.

Update: Hah, I figured out what the problem was. It was still a problem on the Tele but while I was using my actual tuner to tune it, I noticed something. I’ve been hitting the low E string trying to make it louder so the game will know which fricking fret and string I’m hitting. But when I was tuning it, I found that hitting it that hard, and because it’s a lower sounding string, the note gets stretched out as if I did a bend. I actually made the connection about half way through the Muse song when it again said I did it wrong and was late (it kept saying I was late in hitting the note; the hard pick hit it off half a step high but it would drop down to the correct sound so I’d get a ‘late’ penalty). I played the rest of the song correctly and got above 13,000 points. A couple of more tries and I was up to 30,000 points so I was figuring out the correct method. Go me! 🙂

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