Practicing and Rocksmith!

Woot!! Broke my first string on the guitar. I was practicing In Bloom by Nirvana and there is a fret 12 bend that is a whole note or better. I was really pushing it when “twang” and it was broken. It was actually pretty cool (and a good learning experience) as I had to drop down 5 frets on the B string to finish the song and the G and B strings were off enough to throw the song off so I had to half step it a little to finish it up. I either need a stronger e string (I’m using ‘.09’ now) or not bend quite so much 😀

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2 Responses to Practicing and Rocksmith!

  1. Jeff says:

    Rock and Roll! Now you get into having mixed packs of strings laying around. You can buy single strings ( But they are expensive.

  2. Freejack says:

    I guess it happens a lot, eh? Alternately I have a bunch of spare EADGB’s 🙂

    And a new video up from this song if you want to check it out on YouTube

    It’s been a year since I started taking lessons 🙂

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