Riding to GenCon 45

Second day of gaming. Again, I checked out the book to see what I could find. On the plus side, I was checking the book out on the 31st floor. I’d moved my Cthulhu plushie to my backpack so having a little kid exclaim, “look at that mom!” was pretty satisfying 🙂

I headed over to the board gaming area once I had a list of games to hunt down (Red Dragon Inn, Pandemic, Level 7 [Escape]) and a hand full of Generic tickets. Weirdly though, not much was running. I’d stop by the Battletech/Shadowrun/Leviathan gaming area (all Catalyst games) just to check things out, plus Privateer Press (Level 7) was next door so I could check on the availability of a Level 7 demo game. The Horde miniatures guys were out in droves. Lots of cool miniatures, nothing I’d want to get in to as they can be even more expensive than just role playing (1 have 245 Shadowrun role playing books not including the PDFs, dice, patches, t-shirts, etc).

This was one I came back to a couple of times. The guy on the right eventually loses.

The Orc train is arriving 🙂

This one was pretty cool. It looks a lot better when all of the mini’s are painted. The company had several fast miniature painting demos over at the Vendor booth (Privateer Press again).

Once done there, I headed over to the Vendor room again. It was getting close to 10 so the doors were opening again. Not quite as many lemmings as on the first day but still a few.

Straight back is the board gaming room. I’d gone upstairs to check out the location of a seminar I wanted to attend. To the right and towards the back are the electronic gaming rooms. There was a pretty big LAN party going on plus a Dance-Dance game on the center wall (full projection) and a Guitar Hero game on the right side. That was pretty cool but I did ask about Rocksmith for next year. The comment is that they’re just facilitators and don’t bring the gear. The folks who want to, can set up a Rocksmith game next year. You’d just have to bring your own gear. Now that might be interesting. I might just have to do that next year 😀

Plenty of costumes floating around. There is a parade tomorrow plus impromptu contests and shows.

Sometimes I have no idea what’s being shown though. I mean, I get the Stormtrooper and maybe the Jedi on the left but I don’t know what the other two are from. Still, cool costumes.

I stopped in and picked up a copy of Level 7 for me and sent out a query to Wendy to see if she had her copy yet. Several folks who came from Denver were overloaded with gaming vs looking at available swag so she had sent out a query yesterday for someone to get a copy of Level 7 for her. Once I had the game, I started over to the board gaming but was pinged by Jon. They had a 1st level D&D game going on and needed a fighter, am I available? I said sure, where are you and was directed over to the Courtyard Marriott, Indiana Ballroom. I took a roundabout route to get to it but made it without too much trouble.

The game was pretty cool over all for such a low level adventure. There were a few points where I might have done it a little different, but I’ve been role playing since the 70’s so I have a little more experience than 90% of the folks at GenCon 🙂

I did have a pretty cool moment during the game, probably the best over the entire weekend. The woman next to me quoted Time Bandits which was relevant to the situation. I experienced a warm feeling right then. I’m among gamers again. It feels like I’ve been wandering in the wilderness for years. Especially when she said it was a favorite movie of hers. That was my ‘awesome’ moment for GenCon.

When the game was done (around 4pm) we congratulated everyone and headed off to do other things. I’d received a reply from Wendy that no, she didn’t have Level 7 yet so I headed over to the game room and bought a copy for her. On my way back, I ran into more costumed folks:

These costumes are very elaborate. I suspect it’s anime related though. Still, very cool.

I went back to my room and broke out my Level 7 game. It’s a solo game but up to 4 can play. I got it all punched out and set up per the instructions and then started a game. I received a message that Wendy and Megan (her sister) were upstairs on the 31st floor so I grabbed her bag with Level 7 and headed on up. We chatted for about an hour before bailing. I finished my Level 7 game (and had a few questions), put it away and then took a shower and went to bed.

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