Riding to GenCon 45

Ahh, Saturday. This is the day when the folks who couldn’t take a week day off will be here. Should be the biggest crowd. This is also the day of the costume parade. There were even more folks running around in costume so there are more opportunities for quick pictures. But first, I decided to go for a walk. I hadn’t been outside much, hazard of gaming. And Wednesday night it poured with lightning. Here’s the walking bridge. Nice blue sky and all. It was also pretty cool out.

There were even some big fish in the river:

On my way back I got a pic of the hotel. We’re way up towards the top. There are 33 floors on the buttons so I assume we’re 5 floors down from the top although there may well be conference rooms or Presidential suites.

Once I got my fresh air, I headed back to the convention and ran into a few more costumed folks:

While in the vendor area spending my last hundred bucks, I ran into this guy and had to get a picture. It’s weird how some of the pictures are a little blurry and others are nice and clear. Some iPhone specific thing. I chose not to bring the camera along just because it’s a pain to get it out and ready just to have it flash at the folks as well. The iPhone seems to be good enough most of the time. Anyway, I snapped this one of a steampunk costume that just looked exactly right. I’ll be adding it as a description to my Airship Pirates game coming up.

More costumers. These guys are Dark Elves I’m guessing.

And she is not. Sailor moon maybe?

I turned around and spotted Red Skull. Woah, what a costume.

Sonic had a good sidekick 😀

Again, not sure. The mouse guy looks pretty cool although the ladies are interesting as well.

Disney folks? Captain Hook, Prince Charming? The Evil Queen, etc?

No idea who they are, however I ran into them when I was at GenCon last time so had to get the followup picture.

Stormtroopers are always a hit.

Of course there are the cosplay folks. The little kids love them.

The Riddler guy was pretty good. Don’t know if the lady is a Batman villain though.

Bobba Fet? (Right guy, don’t know the right spelling though).

These are guys from the Warhammer RPG universe. Pretty cool actually.

Wandering back through the boardgaming area, I had to get a pic of the Booth Babe (even though she’s not in a booth).

Jon and I got together and headed over for lunch at TGI Friday’s and ran into a group of folks on a scavenger hunt. They needed a picture of a motorcycle rider with a GenCon badge (I guess there aren’t all that many of us 😀 ). It just so happened I’m one but of course my bike is in the garage. Fortunately a couple of guys left their bikes out front so they took advantage and got a pic. That’s Jon on the left (not in the Challenge Nation shirt of course).

Note my shoes. Those are actually moccasins. They’re the ones I wore when Rita and I married. This is the only other time I’ve worn them (and they’re not bad although). Also note the purple bandage. I’d given blood earlier as part of the convention and received the red “Gave Blood” add on to my badge plus was told I needed to have some protein to build back my red blood cells which was why we went to TGI Friday’s.

Back in the vendor area after lunch, I picked up my Judge Dredd books (spending the last hundred bucks) and ran into the Blade booth. Who should be running it but Ken St Andre, a well know game designer of Tunnels and Trolls, the second role playing game created at the same time as Dungeons and Dragons. After discussions about Ace of Aces (a WWI air combat game that’s pretty cool) and my having original versions of most of his stuff since I was buying it back then, I bought the 7.7 edition and asked him to autograph it which he did. I shook his hand and thanked him for some great gaming.

Once done there, I brought my gear upstairs and headed down at 6pm for Wendy’s Bachelorette party. It was actually Wendy’s gaming group either from Denver or friends she’d made while gaming. We had a pretty good time hanging about and chatting about the convention. They’d attended several LARP’s so some were still in costume. Megan and Lori especially.

Once I was done, I headed on upstairs to get my gear packed up and ready to go so I could be on the road in the morning with a minimum of fuss. Jon, Wendy, Megan, Lori, and the rest were attending a Midnight Zombie game (that started at 9pm). So I needed to be quiet when I left in the morning.

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