Titan Missile Complex

I went with a friend from work and a group of several others to go tour the underground Titan Missile Complex east of Denver.

The site appears to be a gathering ground for the area youths based on the amount of graffiti, beer cans, candy, and general crap in the place.

It appears to be actually owned by someone who is selling it for $2,800,000 bucks and according to this site is being refurbished although you couldn’t tell by visiting the place.

These guys have some pretty clear pictures. Looks like they had some much brighter lights plus I don’t see any of the graffiti I saw when we were there and lots of the nicer stuff in the pictures are broken or just gone.

Update: A nice link to lots of details about all the missile sites: Titan History

This is a small overview of the complex. We came in at the bottom entrance at the lower right dome (big square in the center). We went straight across the main hall to the other dome, then back and left to the three silos at the top. Then back to the very bottom to the antenna arrays. Then back to the entrance and down to the very bottom. The small circle is the room for the exhaust fans for the site and a big motor which presumably ran them.

The pictures themselves have sufficient information so rather than post a bunch of stuff, I’ll just link to the pictures themselves.


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