Heading to Alberta

Day two: Glendive MT to Tillebrook Provincial Park AB

The night before, David asked if it was ok if he came along to the border. No problem, says I. He also mentioned breakfast but I initially declined as I don’t like to eat meals on the road. Food comas turn into real comas real quick. I figured to snack.

We headed out bright and early, about 6am. I agreed to breakfast, especially as I was riding with someone and David wanted to take me up 24 to the border.

We headed to Circle and then west to 24N. The road was fairly straight. At places I’d zip by, then David would. All great fun.

The lands were pretty flat. As we approached Fort Peck Lake, the ground started to break up. I stopped to get a picture. As I left, a wolf ran across the road. The land is very green. Lots of farmland. We saw several abandoned houses. I wonder if they are truly abandoned or just bought by the big corporations.

We stopped at the turnout at the spillway and I let David know that my gas was at 36 MPG and that I was low on fuel. Not a good thing. We moved forward and stopped briefly at the memorial. Then a ride up to a gas station at the marina. I filled the tank and then put a gallon into the spare tank. Must have been the ethanol. 36mpg vs 46 mpg.

We stopped in town for breakfast. The food was great. Eggs, wheat toast, sausage, and hash browns Smile really good. Thanks David!

After breakfast, we headed north. After I said I was going to Moose Jaw, David said he might follow me into Canada and up to Moose Jaw.

More green lands on the way north and even a nice curvy bit Smile

At the border, David almost pulled into the Last Parking area before Canada. Part of the problem is he only had his driver’s license.

We waited a bit for the border guard to return with my passport and driver’s license, we chatted. Eventually we were free to go.

I led the way initially but let David go as this was his first time in Canada on a bike.

So we continued up to Moose Jaw. The Canada maps on the GPS aren’t up to date so it was interesting to say the least Smile

We made it to Moose Jaw without a problem. At the gas station I snagged a tourist map to find something for lunch. The Pita Pit looked good so we headed on over. I got a gyros which was ok for a fast food type of place vs a family shop.

We finished and headed back to the bikes. A couple of guys rolled up on a bike and parked. We chatted for a minute or two (I barely understood the second guy Smile ).

Then we split up with thanks and handshakes. I headed north to 1 and headed west to Calgary.

The ride was mostly uneventful. A woman blew by me at 160k. About 20 minutes or so later I saw her on the side of the road chatting with the RCMP Smile She didn’t learn though, she blew by me again at warp speed.

Continued on looking for a place to stop. I spotted Tillebrook Provincial Park and pulled in. The sign on the door said they closed at 4 and opened at 8 and to check in in the morning.

I’ll be gone by then. I got the site set up and rolled up at 9pm or so.

827 miles

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