New House Time

Yep, we finally got the house sold. We had a bit of a problem with the digital document signing (glitch in the company’s software) but it’s been fixed and we’re moving forward. Closing is on the 13th of May and we have to be out by 6pm on the 14th.

Oh, we also found a house. It took a bunch of looking but Rita finally found it. Head over to and look up MLS 583476. Closing is May 14th and we’ll move in on the 15th or so. Cutting it close.

I just whipped up a rough floor plan based on the listed room sizes and put them about where they are in the house.

I put “pic #” around the two plans to show where the pictures in the MLS listing were taken.

The Living Room is going to be Rita’s craft room and the two downstairs bedrooms will be the library and computer room. Rita already has plans for the master bedroom and we’re putting up a fence so we can let the cats go out back.

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