New House Time

Rita found a local company called SmartBox. They deliver a large box and we pack gear into it. Back when we got the house ready (end of January), we had 3 boxes delivered. We packed up most of the gear into the boxes. Just the books in my “Man Cave” (see the post up in the technical section) was about 3,000 pounds (and I had to move it 3 times :crazy2: ). All the book cases went in there, extra furniture. We reduced it down to a bare minimum so the house looked lived in but not cluttered.

Last week we had another box delivered. We put the second couch, dresser, and a bunch of boxes mostly from the garage in that one.

So we’re down to a real bare minimum of stuff.

Master Bedroom: Bed, end tables, dresser
Guest Bedroom: Bed, end tables, dresser, bookcase
TV room: TV, stand, two Ikea chairs
Living room: Couch
Dining room: Table and 4 chairs
Family room: My desk, bookcase
Craft room: Rita’s work table, 2 book cases
Garage: Tool chest, 2 book cases, router table.

And of course a selection of boxes for stuff.

So we’re ready for a quick move 🙂

My co-worker lives right around the corner so I’m taking the bikes up there one at a time and parking them in his garage. We’ll be down to just my Hayabusa and Rita’s Ninja (well and her car too 🙂 ).

We’re organized and ready to go 😀

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