Preparation for Labrador Trip

This is the planning page for the upcoming trip to Labrador. I’ll be stopping to visit family as noted in the pic plus a stop at the STN National Meetup in West Virginia.

AdvRider link to Labrador

Goose Bay Ferry


These are things I need to do to the bike to get ready for riding season.

  • Pull the clutch cover to replace the seal. There’s a leak somewhere. (todo)
  • While I’m in there, replace the front sprocket (todo)
  • Respring the front forks (todo)
  • Install the new horn (todo: can’t find a good spot; not a lot of room)
  • Install the gps cable (done)
  • Get longer screws for the tank and gps (todo: hard to find stainless steel ones)
  • Get right sized screws for right side bars (todo: hard to find stainless steel ones)
  • investigate fuel cell
  • Install luggage rack (done)
  • Build plate for fuel tank/luggage rack connection (done)
  • Install new fuel cell (got a Tour Tank) (done)
  • Replace the front brake lines with steel braided (done)
  • Check and replace brake pads (front and rear are peachy)
  • Replace brake fluid (front done; still need todo rear)
  • Install voltmeter (done)
  • Install fuse box (done)
  • Install fuse box Part 2
  • Install fuse box Part 3
  • Install fuse box Part 4
  • Install 12v plug. (done)
  • Build riding music list (vs regular list; more rockin, singalong songs; basically ones I can hear while riding) (todo)
  • Test setup on a day or two day ride (todo May 27th)
  • Get new tires before trip (todo: june 4th)

Camping Places (estimated/targetted)

State Day Arrive Accomodations Notes
AR 2 Sat Ozark National Forest  
TN 3 Sun Laurel Hill Wildlife Management Area Watch out for hunters
TN 4/5 Mon/Tue Deal’s Gap $12 a night, first come, first served
WV 6/7 Wed/Thu Canaan Valley Resort Reservations made
VA 8/9 Fri/Sat Erich’s Place King’s Dominion Sat with Samantha
VA 10/11 Sun/Mon Jasmine’s Place Lunch Mon with NASA folks
CT 12/13 Tue/Wed Ed’s Place
QU 14 Thu Riviere-du-loop Motel  
NB 15 Fri Beresford Hotel  
NS 16 Sat North Sydney Ferry Must be at ferry Sun Morning at 8am, depart 9am, 6 hour ferry
NF 17 Sun Gros Morne National Park Lomond would be a good campground. Leave at 6am[period]
AT 18 Mon Goose Bay Ferry Lomond to St. Barbe. Arrive Cartwright at 7pm arrive Goose Bay Tues 8am
AT 19 Tue
AT 20 Wed
AT 21 Thu
AT 22 Fri
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