Westmorland State Park

I talked Rita into going down to Westmorland State Park in Westmorland county.

We headed out on the bike at about 10am. Beautiful day for a ride.

I got off at Stafford and took 640 to 608. I made a left instead of a right and we headed off to Aquia Landing. Nice easy curves and canopied road.

I had noticed the the SUV behind me and occasionally snuck a peek. One one of the straightaways someone on a sport bike zoomed past me (and I mean _zoomed_). I never even saw him coming.

A few minutes later I saw him coming towards me since Aquia Landing is a dead-end.

We turned around and headed back making the left at 608 and heading south. After a bit I was looking for a sign pointing us to Fredericksburg. Eventually we got to 605. Flipping a coin I went right and came upon 218 which was the road we were looking for.

A fast left and we were on our way to Colonial Beach. We passed the other side of 605 a few miles down the road.

Of course 218 has lots of nice turns and a couple of humps where you can’t see the other side. A nice ride nonetheless.

At 301 we crossed over and rode down to 205 making a left. At the colonial beach light we made a left and headed downtown. We stopped at the public parking and walked around a bit.

At the tourist office Rita found a nice place to eat (The Happy Clam) and I snagged a Westmorland State Park map.

We had lunch, eyeing the three GoldWings and then headed to the park.

We followed 205 down to 3, made a left and, after passing Washington’s Birthplace, we made a left into the park.

It was a nice ride up to the gate and beyond. $4 to get in. We went down to the far end of the park where the swimming pool is located (450 capacity). I parked and we walked on the beach all the way down to the DANGER sign. There were 10 or 15 folks scrounging around in the “sand”, a couple of girls with metal detectors and one guy with a metal mesh scoop poking around under the pier.

On the way back we briefly chatted with the guy at the pier. It seems he was hunting for sharks teeth.

We hopped on the bike and headed up to Campground A where we parked again. We hiked down to Big Meadows and the beach were we found garbage, a few dead fish and a dead crab. Rita found a stripper’s advertisement card.

We hiked back up the trail and then out to the cliff face (protected by a fence).

It was getting late (about 3:30pm) so we decided to head home.

A ride up Rt 3 into Fredericksburg and to 95 north.

All in all, it was a very nice day for a ride. Very very little traffic, not many people at the park, the restaurant was about half full.

Beautiful day for a ride.

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