Family Adventure – Day 13

At this very moment Carl is visiting with Laurel Skye!!!

Since he was driving right past her town, I told him he should stop by to see her fabulous home and he did!!
I hope he gets a picture with her, but she’s dying her hair right now, so maybe not.

Stay tuned!

Well I did forget my trunk keys at a motel in Fort Bragg California. I was half way to Grant’s Pass when I stopped for gas, to exchange gloves, and remove my rain suit (keeps me warm; 46 degrees on the Pacific Coast Highway) and realized I didn’t have my keys. Since I was four hours away from the motel, I called Rita and had her ask them to send the keys home. I bought a new pair of deerskin workgloves at a hardware store in Grant’s Pass, bungied my rain gear to my tail bag and hot footed it up to Portland to meet with Chrissy. Just down the street from the motel I stayed at was a locksmith. He unlocked the trunk in 2 minutes and I used a spare strap to hold the trunk closed for the rest of the trip. The keys arrived yesterday so I’m complete again

Arrived at 8:30 at Portland and Xtina

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