Family Adventure – Day 14

Hit motel for breakfast, raisin bran
Headed over to safeway for lunch stuff. On the way, discovered locksmith
Picked up bananas, pretzels, razors, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, floss, qtips.
Stopped at 7/11 for sodas
Went to locksmith. For 15 bucks, he picked the lock. Pretty cool
Headed down to guardian games to check it out. Missed the exit so had to backtrack. Took a few tries and a gps check before i found them. Great shop. Lots of old and new gear and room in back for tables. Picked up a couple of books and gloom and grave diggers for xtina
Heading back was interesting. You had to go under the freeway, along a parkway, under the freeway, abd finally back on 5.
I was in a knot of traffic abd behind a rider on a harley. He was distracted i guess as he kept jerking back into his lane on corners. Scared me a couple of times.
When i broke out of the pack in the right lane, i was accelerating when i spotted a motorcycle cop. Thougnt i was nabbed for sure but he ignored me.
Hung out at the room checking out new books and getting ready for dinner with josh and xtina
Walked over to world foods for some sausage, baklava, and sodas. Checked out castle superstore. Couldn’t tell until i got there that it was an adult store 🙂
Called x at 7 asking when and where. Met her in the lobby, we’re going to Claudias 3009 hawthorne. She took bus, i rode the bike as it was a few blocks from the game store
I missed the exit again but got off close enough. I stopped to check the gps and it said i just needed to follow the road up so i turned left to follow, only to be under the road. Had to navigate around to the right road, then up and park in the lot
X showed up a few minutes later
We went in and got a table. She nabbed josh and we got acquanted.
He seems a nice guy, funny and a gamer 🙂
We ordered dinner, i got fish and chips
Then we played grave robbers. I eventually won but it was a good game, lots of fun, several greets to bystanders, seems x is a regular
I got several pics, then x took some, then had liz take a few group shots.
Once the game was over, i paid and bailed. Ride back was similar to earlier ride. Bed at midnight

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