Red Hat 6 Satellite Training

Just notes from the training I’m attending this week.

First off the Installation and User’s guides will help you if you’ve done it before. There are extra bits that I’m getting in the class that’s really helping me visualize how to initially set up the site.

Installation and Configuration chapters are pretty clear. Couple of notes.

1. Don’t try to sync all the repos you need at one time. It’ll overwhelm the server. I had to rebuild mine after it totally went insane and someone in the class mentioned that as a problem on his side as well.

2. Satellite isn’t initially configured as a kickstart site. You can do it but it’s a configuration you need to do to get to that point.

3. Satellite has a single copy of each RPM. So RHEL 6 Server is the full installation of 6.0. The RHEL 6.1 repo is just the differences between the core installation and 6.1. Same on up to 6.7.

4. I can create a manifest for each Organization. So Ops can have a manifest for the Ops managed systems and Lab can have a manifest (managed by Satellite of course) for their systems.

5. Propose: Each Product is a Host Collection. Host Collections are systems with similar attributes such as OS versions. Since we have to get a BU to approve updates, having a HC for a product lets us update the product.

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