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Niki Part 2

I bailed from work at 11 and headed over to Chipotle’s to grab some chicken for her and lunch for me. At home, she again was a little slow getting up off the couch but she did get up. I … Continue reading

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Today is a sad day. Today I will be saying goodbye to my cat Niki. I found Niki in the Prince William County shelter after my first marriage broke up. I was in an apartment by myself. I’d grown up … Continue reading

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Cat Litter Boxes

My cat, Niki (female, 17, tuxedo cat) has been peeing in the room where the cat boxes are for at least 10 years if not more and in different houses. She refuses to pee in the cat box. She also … Continue reading

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Taking Niki to the Vet

This is a post about my cat, Niki. About two weeks ago after returning from a trip to California for computer training, I noticed that Niki’s left ear wasn’t symmetrical with her right. It was as if her ear had … Continue reading

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