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Career Day

In thinking about the last 40 years of me being in the workforce, I thought about the reasons for change or even leaving the company. Marine Corps Reserve Signed up as a grunt in the 10th grade with parental permission, … Continue reading

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Development Environments

I have a few big projects at work that I’ve created over the years. An inventory application, status management, and of course all the scripts (some 200 of them). Initially I’d work on the inventory and status apps on the … Continue reading

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State of the Game Room: 2017

Got my gaming table done last year. Building a New Gaming Table And plans for the Dice Towers. Building Dice Towers And last year I picked up a storage unit from Ikea (first picture). Yesterday we headed down to Ikea … Continue reading

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Setting Up Kubernetes

In a series on my home environment, I’m next working on the Kubernetes sandbox. It’s defined as a 3 master, 5 minion cluster. The instructions I currently have seem to work only with a 1 master, n minion cluster (as … Continue reading

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Configuring The Home Environment

I’m using the new drive space and systems to basically mirror the work environment. Part of it is in order to have a playground or sandbox where I can try new things and learn how to use the tools we … Continue reading

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Home Network and Internet Access

Over the years I’ve had a few network configurations. In the mid-80’s I ran a BBS and connected to other BBSs through a transfer scheme. My system would be accessed at all hours and I had the biggest collection of … Continue reading

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Setting up pfSense

Over here I configured a firewall to replace the old single system based firewall. One of the guys at work recommended installing pfSense as a VM to replace the firewall. pfSense from the firewall aspect is wrapped around pf, the … Continue reading

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Colonoscopy Time!

Per all the recommendations, it’s something that really should be done starting at age 50 and earlier if you have family history. I just had mine done and I’m 6 months away from 60. One of the problems I’ve had … Continue reading

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Using a VMWare Virtual Machine As An Internet Gateway

I’ve been using my old cast off computers as internet gateways for a couple of decades now. I’d upgrade my current system, build a new one, and stick the old one in a a new Firewall/Gateway. I seem to learn … Continue reading

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Weeds and Lawns

The annoying broadleaf weed is Common Mallow. Get ground damp and pull. Pointy leaves, purple flowers and dense seed puffs is Canadian Thistle. Paint leaves with herbicide. The succulent in the cracks and edge of the grass is … Continue reading

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