June Trip Final Details

Here are the final details of the trip with the map plus the actual costs and such.

Miles: 5,022. Remember we bailed on Canada due to rain expectations.

Rooms: $1,140.96

Gas: $375.06

Food (meals): $768.52

This didn’t include snacks when we stopped for gas including water and sodas. ($316.06)

Total: $2,600.82

Misc stuff. Jeanne spent $184.87. I spent $344.75. This would be wine, park passes, aquarium fee, parking fees, etc.

Jeanne paid all room fees as she had a hotels.com deal, 9 stays and the 10th is free. She also snagged a few others (like gas and snacks) before I realized how much she would be paying for rooms so I’ll be giving her $287.70 to cover that.

I think the costs would be just a little higher, mainly gas and snacks, had we headed to Canada but it wouldn’t have changed it a great deal.

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