More Rocksmith Details

This is something I realized a couple of weeks ago but I finally went ahead and gathered all the details and will update the listing posting. But a majority of the songs in Rocksmith have more than one method for playing the song.

Single Note – No chords are in this playing of the song. In trying this a couple of times, I was confused because only the B and e strings were played and I know I was playing E and A strings when I was doing the Combo but then I realized. Rocksmith gives you the base note for the chord before giving you the chord. So initially I was playing just the A string but as I progressed, it changed into a chord and then eventually changed into the correct chord (so it’d show A string, then the A + D + G chord shape, then the A + D + G + B chord shape).

Chord and Chord 2 – A chord only song. I suspect, although I haven’t tried it yet, that it would play as noted above; the single A string and then build the chord until you have it down.

Combo and Combo 2 – This is the combination of the above two types.

So there are actually 116 songs, 19 with three of the above version and only 2 with just one of the above.

And additional notes. The Baseball game one still sucks. It does have a metronome playing to help you get your timing down but I guess I don’t have it down in my head yet as I’m either too soon or too late. It doesn’t help that it doesn’t recognize the F# (E3) when I play it and it doesn’t help that the timing is different if you’re stretching the note. 1, 2, 3, hit for normal. 1, 2, hit and stretch for stretch.

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