Spending Time in Boise

Dexter had to go to work today so no boat ride. We hit the river instead. The river was like ice! When we finally got out, our fingers and toes were numb and a couple of minutes later we started getting needles and pins. With 102 degrees (per one of the bank signs), the contrast was intense.

At one of the falls the water was only a few inches deep and I slammed my tailbone into the concrete twice before I could raise up high enough. Rita hit too but not as bad. Good thing I’m on a sportbike. I wouldn’t be able to continue on a more standard bike. We did follow the other folks so didn’t get stuck. We had a big boat tube (tied behind a boat mainly) and two of the inner tubes were tied to it. Rita was on a tube as was Devin, Alanna’s older brother. Alanna was on the boat tube. I was on my own and tubing around them. They got stuck at one point at one of the branch dams and had to get around it (since they were tied together, it was harder for them to move easily).

While we were getting ready to go get the car, some 12 yo rammed into Rita and me knocking her on her butt. She’s got a nice pattern of scrapes from the chain and sprocket and I have a similar series of scratches from the same thing. She was knocked down by the rear wheel. He was apologizing big time and his mom, who was right behind him, was yelling at him too. Rita was bleeding and has several bruises now.

I did a squidly thing and rode the ‘busa in deck shoes and swim trunks 😮 It was a slow back road ride and I was extremely careful. The air blowing through the radiator and out the side panels was very hot along with the 102 temps and I was feeling scorched when I got to the car. I got more geared up for the ride back though. Highway traffic 🙂

Definitely not something we’ll be doing tomorrow though and no boat ride either so we’ll be catting around. I’m looking for a lightweight camp chair I can strap to the bike since I’m going to be camping for most of the trip.

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