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Spring and Motorcycle Maintenance

Ok, so about three years ago, maybe four, about this time of year I replaced my front and rear sprocket and the chain on my Hayabusa motorcycle. I’ve replaced the chain several times and change sprockets every other chain change. … Continue reading

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Track Day Planning

Here are the minimum requirements: Bike Coolant drained and replaced with water Mirrors removed Lights unplugged and taped over Good tires Good brake pads You: 1 Piece suit or 2 piece suit that zips together all the way around. Must … Continue reading

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Harley-Davidson For Sale

2002 Softail FXSTI 36,800 miles Removable HD Shorty Windshield Stage 1 Kit with Screaming Eagle II slip-ons NessTech 3″ Forward Control extenders HD Heel Rests and Airfoil Footpegs Corbin Tour Saddle with Chrome V-Rail, Small Ovalbac and Large Ovalbac Backrests … Continue reading

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SV650S Street/Race Bike

Found this SV650S on MRA Racing Forums This was my wife’s streetbike until I knocked her up and stole it to race in ’05 and most of ’06. It has approximately 4730 miles, of which at least half were street … Continue reading

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St. Patrick’s Day Parade

The following links are to the movies I took. I broke them down into smaller bits but they’re still rather large. [17M] Riding from Village Inn to about 2/3’rds of the way to Coor’s Field[15M] After waiting 2 hours, we … Continue reading

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Mounting the Siebel

When I’m on the Hayabusa and on a trip, I’ll sometimes hit the horn, just to hit it. Much of the time I can’t hear it or it’s very very faint. Unfortunately the stock horn is just pretty wimpy. As … Continue reading

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Rita’s New Bike – 1997 Kawasaki Ninja

Rita spotted this on Craigslist yesterday. We called them and arranged a meeting this morning. After making sure it was mechanically ok (starts, lights, no smoke, etc, etc, etc), Rita dickered with them and came to an agreement. I hopped … Continue reading

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Changing a Headlight

The fricking low beam headlight on the Suzuki blew out a couple of days ago. I went to the dealer and picked up a replacement light. I checked the service manual for the procedure on changing the bulb but there … Continue reading

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America’s 911 Ride #395301 (1 + 2494 more) From: Carl Schelin Subject: America’s 911 Ride (very long) Lines: 265 Date: Mon Nov 12 19:03:37 EST 2001 Hey all, I’m back and the drinks are on me. Diet Coke for me bartender. I … Continue reading

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Yamaha 250 Motorcycle

When I lived with my Aunt and Uncle for a year, my uncle “gave” me a broken down motorcycle. I have no idea what it was and he said the “seals were broken” which made no sense to me at … Continue reading

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